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Team Scramble Results July 22nd

Updated: Aug 24

Two Person Scramble

July 22nd, 2023

Couples Flight

1st Gross- Bill and Jeanne Kirms 59 $6 each

1st Net- Laura Palma and Tony Palma 43 $6 each

2nd Carol and James Bushnell 47 $3.50 each

2nd Charles Tarantino and Dorothy Tarantino 47 $3.50 each

3rd Peg and WD Daughety 50 $2 each

3rd Fred and Irene Nasta 50 $2 each

Ladies Only

1st Gross- Cathy Viverito + Carolyn Aromando 62 $6 each

1st Net- Beth Maher and Catherine Keslo 45 $6 each

Men’s Only

1st Gross- Steve Hatfield and Frank Strucki 58 $6 each

1st Net- Mike Harris and Paul Mayer 52 $6 each

1st Net- Dennis Deady and Jim Terzek 52 $6 each

Closest to the Pin #16 $5 each


Cathy Viverito 9’6.5”


Bill Kirms 11’7”

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