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Golf Cart Guidelines

Golfers, who own their own cart must abide by the following guidelines:

  • Power carts must be electric. Charging will be done at the owner’s home.

  • Carts must have turf tires appropriate for golf course use.

  • All power cart owners must carry a minimum of $300,000 liability insurance, updated yearly.

  • All power carts must display an assigned number. This number must be a minimum of 5 high and must be displayed on both sides of the cart.

  • Cart owners will abide by all the rules listed in the RCC Handbook and the current golf cart path guidelines.

  • Lending of carts is not permitted.

  • If your resident owned golf cart is not registered, use of the cart on the golf course is prohibited at any time.


Cart Fees

The golf cart fee for the current season is $190 for a single member and $300 for a family.


Each year, golfers receive a reduced rate by using The Early Bird signup. All fees must be paid by a specified date, usually the last day of February.

Daily Golf Cart Rentals

Golf carts, if available, may be rented from the Pro Shop prior to the start of play. The fee for 18 holes is $15 per person and for 9 holes it is $10 per person.


All fees are subject to change.

Selling a Power Cart

When a golfer sells his/her golf cart they have two options available to them:

If the seller has no intention of purchasing another cart during the current golf season, he/she can sell the cart to include the remaining cart permit fee.  The buyer must keep the assigned number for the remainder of the season and can change the number during the next season.

If the seller is intending to purchase another cart during the current golf season, he/she can retain the current golf cart permit fee and number.  The person buying his cart must apply for a new caret permit and assigned number.  The buyer’s fee would be pro-rated.  

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