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New Posting Procedures and World Handicap System:

Even under current playing conditions, all golfers that are going to maintain a handicap with Renaissance CC as your home course, should post their scores on a daily basis. New to the handicap system is that the player’s Handicap Index (as well as home course handicap) will be updated daily, not bi-monthly. That is why it is imperative to post your scores immediately after play. The other reason is that there is an automatic feature that takes the course/weather conditions into account on a daily basis as well.

Posting scores can only be done at home on your computer, tablet or phone. If you need any help with this process, please see our Professional.

You can either download the GHIN Mobile App or just go to to post your scores. Then follow the steps below:

  • You will need to enter your GHIN number and last name. If you do not recall or have your GHIN  number, please call the golf shop and we will provide it for you. If you are a new golfer and need to be added to the handicap program, please call the golf shop and someone will assist you.

  • Click on the Post Score Button.


  • It is recommended that you next select Hole by Hole Scores. This will allow the program to automatically adjust your score should you exceed the maximum allowable score on a hole based on your current handicap. (If you post your total score, you will need to adjust your score, with the maximum score that can be posted for any golfer being Par + 2 + any strokes you would receive on that hole).

  • Either type in the course in the search window or just click on Renaissance CC if it is a home course score you are posting.

  • Select either 18 or 9 holes.

  • Select the tees played.

  • If not a home course score, click on the Away button.

  • Enter either the hole by hole score (highly recommended) or your total adjusted score based on the maximum allowable score your handicap allows. 

That will finish the process. It is simple to use and will be very quick once you get used to it, either on your home computer or the mobile app.

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